Creativa History
From 2005 to 2015
  • Launched as a multimedia and branding agency. Created our first Flash website.
  • XHTML websites validated by the W3C. Flash banners in different media formats. Flex, Web 2.0, Blogs through WordPress, new browsers and ways of creating websites. Weebly emerges as an online platform dedicated to creating free websites and payment.
  • Continued creating websites, multimedia materials and branding. Rise of social media: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. New technologies, smartphones, and less Flash. Wix allows for intuitive creation of websites with over a thousand free templates.
  • Even during the financial crisis, Web 2.0 was booming. Continued with websites and branding. Mobile devices became more sophisticated. Tablets. First steps of CSS3; begins to be implemented in some browsers.
  • Web became part of Digital. Mobile devices. New platforms and visions. Desktop and mobile websites.
  • Pinterest and Instagram. Squarespace functions as a CMS like Wordpress, facilitating the development of websites for a variety of templates.
  • Start of use jQuery as a standard JavaScript. Websites are becoming more dynamic.
  • Bootstrap is amplified for the creation of responsive websites. One Page emerges, giving websites more tools for the user to access content.
  • Parallax is used to build a more advanced and enjoyable web experience.
  • Several platforms, languages and design trends coexist, and we continue to adapt.
  • Creativa's 10-Year Aniversary. Our challege is the creation of fresh ideas, brands, digital elements. Our goal is to Give Life Back To Design.